What is a BMR?

The Benchmark Rate (BMR) is the rate you would have otherwise paid if you had proceeded into a fixed price contract.

Can you help if I am in the middle of a contract?

Yes. Because of the Pre-Term Protection clause in the EP3 Agreement, you will gain the benefit of the lower price at a future point – Risk Free.

What is PES price for energy?

PES does not have a price. The EP3 strategy is designed to use the most competitive price on the market as the Benchmark Rate guarantee. Because we know that even the best rate is substantially over-priced, we guarantee that EP3 will deliver your electricity purchases at a lower price.

Does PES Work with Brokers?

No. EP3 is available exclusively through PES.

How does PES get paid?

EP3 is designed to reward us when we return excess risk premium to you. We share in that pool of savings after you receive it.

How does the Guarantee work?

The EP3 Agreement ensures you will not pay more than you would have in a fixed price contract. If we fail, we write the check.