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For more than twenty years we’ve been helping Commercial & Industrial companies stay one step ahead.
Utilities and “Competitive” power retailers have lulled industries to sleep with their “Fixed Price Fable” – A story with epic returns for power sellers nationwide. Investor Owned Utilities, Unregulated Subsidiaries, Energy Retailers, and their Regulatory Compatriots have created an “Illusion of Competition” that allows them to build excessive risk premiums into their fixed prices resulting in electricity priced substantially above what a rational investment into the market would deem necessary.

There is a better way to buy electricity. EP3 – Energy Price Point Protection, provides the coverage of a Fixed Price contract, while allowing you to keep the gains that the market presents as the index price declines. Whether you are in the middle of a contract, near the end, or just entering a new one – We can help. EP3 is Proprietary and available exclusively through PES.


1995  Key Participants in Deregulation Conferences

1996  Created Demand Response Insured Risk Coverage

1998  Pioneered Direct Access Protection Product

2000  Client Direct Access Rights in Affected Markets

2009  Early Access through Index Option Addendum

2010  Created Self Directed Insurance Strategy

2012  EP3 Strategy Launched in Mid America Market

2014  EP3 Brand Expanded Nationally


SDIS  Self-Directed Insurance Strategy for Utility Customers

DRIR  Demand Response Insured Risk Coverage

EPRM  Direct Access Protection Product

EP3  Energy Price Point Protection


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